Joseph Schiarizzi

Buy My Time

In a given year I will spend about 3,000 hours working on projects, ideas, and inventions. Since 2016 I have been freelancing and have built projects for individuals, agencies, startups, friends, fortune 500s, indie hackers, myself, plants, and animals. My freelancing rate is $85 / hour for any kind of development work, and my calendar is rapidly filling up for 2020. I thought it would be interesting to Tokenize my time. Right now you can buy any amount of hours of my time using Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain. Owning one of these tokens will entitle you to 1 hour of my time, whenever you choose, in 2020. I will do any sort of development work, or we can have tea for an hour, or go make sandcastles together at the beach. It's up to you if you control the tokens. Hopefully, this will enable a few interesting things to happen:

diagram 1 hour of my time = 1 token

A the current price of Ether, My Time Tokens cost roughly $50 each, with no transaction fees. A bargain when compared to my freelancing rate. Buy some before 2020 is booked and I run out. If you would like to trade some other coins or assets for My Time Tokens, just contact me.

2020 hours remaining:

2020 Hours redeamed: 1

If you need any help, message me. Swap ETH (or any other token) for my time tokens listed on Uniswap.