Joseph Schiarizzi - Developer, Founder, Inventor, Friend.

Reston, Virginia.


Hi! I’m Joseph. Hello! I am an independent developer, hacker, freelancer, writer of code, banisher of bugs, bounty hunter, will program for burritos-er, cool crypto kid, reality augmentor, vapor wave surfer, ultra long distance hiker, and unstoppable creator.


Curiosity made with ❤️ in Reston, VA


I never stop learning. Here are some technologies I have worked with recently.

Languages: Solidity, Java, C, C#, Python 3, JQuery, Node, HTML & CSS, Ruby, Assembly.

Operating Systems: Windows, OSX, Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, EVM

Software: Ethereum, Docker, EC2, S3, IPFS, Digital Ocean, Git, Unity, ARkit, Mapbox, Echidna, Airtable

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, Beaglebone Black, 3D Printers, Crypto-mining rigs

Fourth Wave

I founded Fourth Wave in 2017 to help bring Augmented Reality visualization technology to students and researchers who need to understand 3D concepts. Since then we have published apps, been granted patents, and helped thousands learn and understand applied sciences better.

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Recent Projects

Dynamic 3d model generation system (Patented) Storj backed IPFS node SuperRandom XforYgen Wind Power Map VSEPR AR Household Poly

Did you know you can buy my tokenized time as an asset on Ethereum? Check out this experiment.