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Gravity Battery

Our team is extremely motivated to solve energy problems related to using renewable electricity most effectively.

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We have unreliable renewable energy (sometimes it is cloudy = less solar) and need to pair it with better battery tech in order to use green energy most effectively. We have not fully explored gravity batteries as an alternative to costly chemical batteries which unethical supply chains.

The largest batteries in the world are pumped hydro, which use the same principle. Dominion is already investing BILLIONS in building new pumped hydro batteries. But they can be as low as 70% efficient, due to evaporation, large water surface area, and lots of piping that is stressed.

We can do better with lifting heavy objects and locking them in place when we have excess clean energy. Then slowly lowering the weight, turning a turbine, when we want that energy back.

Here’s our first prototype of such a system.

gravity battery sketchup

Imagine lifting up a few full water jugs every morning and then your lights and coffee maker have enough electricity to power your morning routine. Imagine a 250 foot crane stacking many concrete blocks, taking up far less space then a pumped hydro plant and automated for maximum efficiency. This project is the first step towards that.


coming soon.

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My name is Joseph Schiarizzi. I like to hack stuff and try out new technology. Twitter and Github are great ways to keep up with me!