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Finding Inspiration at the US Inventors Hall of Fame

While working on Hackital I ran into what some may call writers block. I’ve been writing packets to get information to cool tech companies in hopes of finding sponsors. To get an idea at what I should be going for I looked at packets from other hackathons that have done really well, like HoyaHacks and PennApps, amoung others. The problem with this is that the sponsor packagea are all remarkably similar…

We are a super special hackathon. There are X number of awesome students coming from a diverse range of universities. You should sponsor us because you get to recruit and show your brand. Give us money so we can have a great event.

I want to give a little more information and I’ve been struggling with portraying how we plan to make ours really great. Besides our awesome location in the heart of Washington DC, we are also using the space at 1776. They are one of the best and globally recognized incubators for startups. Needless to say, they understand innovation. To help myself find the words I took a field trip to the US Inventors Hall of Fame, which is run by the US Patent Office just outside of DC.

The inductees include innovative women and men from all walks of life. Each individually and with support did something others thought couldn’t be done. They created the loom, re-growable skin cells, atomic reactors, the escalator (I was surprized about this one), and so much more. Although, I don’t think I’ll be joining the ranks of those who have created such inspiring things, it has given me a good bit to think about.

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My name is Joseph Schiarizzi. I like to hack stuff and try out new technology. Twitter and Github are great ways to keep up with me!