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Hackital: The Beginning

I’ve done 14 hackathons in 4 years and I find them a really great use of time. But Joseph, what is a hackathon? Are you stealing my credit card number? Oh no, my friend, it’s nothing like that. A hackathon is like an invention marathon. Those of us who have done them before know that an individual can learn more about creating technology in a single weekend from one of these events than they can from a month of technical school work.

I be post snippets about my various projects (from hackathons and outside of them) on this site. But today, for my first, non-hello world post, I wanted to introduce Hackital. Hackital (Hack + Capital) is the first major hackathon being planned at GWU, and I’m one of the organizers! I’m going to attempt to record the planning process here.

Right now we are looking at the begginning of October as the event date, so we are about 5.5 months out. Currently, we are woking on securing a venue by the end of this week. I’m hoping we can get the Marvin Center but there are a number of great spaces on our campus. The other things we are working on now are building a dope leadership team with fauculty backing and thinking about what our brand is. I’m the hype man, and as such my role right now is finding more people to get involved and will soon turn towards running the sponsorship department.

I can feel the adventure this process is going to be already and I’m excited as anything.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” –Theodore Roosevelt

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My name is Joseph Schiarizzi. I like to hack stuff and try out new technology. Twitter and Github are great ways to keep up with me!