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Joseph Schiarizzi

Joseph Schiarizzi

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Hi there!

My name is Joseph, and I’m a developer with goals. I make things like android apps, interactive & custom styled maps, software in C and Java, creative encryption solutions, and Raspberry Pi & Arduino gadgets. I know Java, C, C++, PHP, HTML & CSS, Git, C#, jQuery, node.js, Python and probably a few others by now. I’ve built projects using APIs from Bloomberg, Twilio, Twitter, IBM, Mapbox, and others. You can check out any of my open source projects on Github!

When I’m not working on some awesome coding project I love to swim, hike, cook, play video games, and learn new skills. I plan to use this website to share interesting things I’m working on with anyone who is interested.

If you like one of my projects or have a cool idea let me know! If you want to contribute to a repository, go ahead and send a pull request.

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My name is Joseph Schiarizzi. I like to hack stuff and try out new technology. Twitter and Github are great ways to keep up with me!